At Plantials, our mission is to make your time with plants and nature more enjoyable.

Not just you and your pets need care, even the plants around you deserve care and attention. And, we help you to find joy in growing and caring for them.


Who We Are

We believe everyone has a unique and different perspective on the same things.

Our writing team includes certified botanists and horticulturists, florists, seasoned gardeners, and proud plant parents who believe every plant has its own beauty and deserves a spot in the gardens.


What We Do

We provide scientifically proven, practical, real-life tips and tricks to grow and care for your green friends. From growing small houseplants to massive trees, we got them all covered. And, we are continuously adding new content to encourage everyone to grow new species or cultivars.

We don’t neglect any plant as a weed, instead, we try to use them creatively in our garden to show their might. Well, we teach that too.

To make sure you always have access to the best and most up-to-date knowledge and information, we update our articles on a daily base, so that no information we share is outdated.

Additionally, we uncover a lot of interesting studies and greenhouse research on a daily basis and we place them in the resources section of all articles where they make sense. These studies are not just random ones but are from reputed peer-reviewed journals and university libraries.

Our Goals

  • Help you to transform your house into a beautiful garden full of life.
  • Teach you how to grow plants and trees of different types and varieties.
  • Updates you with the latest cutting-edge technology and research in the agriculture and gardening field.
  • Help you to find the best products to use so that your plant friends thrive in your space.
  • Teach you to keep your green friends happy by providing the ideal care backed by science.
  • Help you fix common plant problems and diseases on individual plants.
  • Help you to inspire your friends, family members, neighbors, and acquaintances to grow plants.